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What types of services do you offer?

Our most popular service is our stock and option alert room, where our team with a combined 40 years of trading experience brings you real time entry, price update, and exit signals. We also offer a futures alert room, as well as an education room with in-depth technical analysis on stocks that our team trades. For a full list of plans and pricing, PM @breadboxbot on Telegram with the message /start (include/symbol).

How much should i risk? How big should my position sizes be?

Risk management is the most important element of trading. In addition to trading with only what you can afford to lose, you should also never risk too much of your capital on any one given trade. When thinking about how many shares or contracts to enter into a trade with, keep in mind what percentage of your capital you are willing to risk on that trade. What that number is will always come down to you, your trading style, and your tolerance for risk, but as a general rule of thumb, we like to recommend that you risk no more[…]

What type alerts are given?

The Alerts channel will provide stock and option alerts. Specific format may differ depending on which of our admins post the alerts The following example outlines the different elements of an option alert.