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When is it too late to enter a trade that was alerted?

There isn’t really a defined “too late” when it comes to a trade entry. The following information might help you better time your entries.

The first and most important thing to remember by far is that all trade entries and exits are at your discretion as a trader and dependent on your trading style.

Another important rule to remember is to never chase profits! This includes getting back into a trade that you just exited from after you see it continuing to go up in price. The market will always present more opportunities for trades!

When an update is posted to a previous alert, look at when the original alert was posted, as it could have been issued from minutes, days, to even weeks ago! Remember that the closer you are to an option expiry date. The faster the option loses value due to theta → or time decay. More information is available on theta and other stock and option indicators in our Education Room!